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kareninthedesert —  January 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

Last year, I set a New Year’s goal to read (and finish) 2 books each month of the year.  I did it, but it seemed to encourage in me a certain kind of rigidity.  So this year, I was thinking about doing something similar, but structured differently.

2013 book list

My nerdy-and-slightly-rigid 2013 book list, taped to the inside of a kitchen cabinet

I saw a fun reading Bingo game here and thought I would modify it a little for our wacky WOJ readers.  See what you think… and feel free to let me know what other squares would work, what topics or categories I neglected, or what books you would recommend to cross off certain squares.

For me, it might be a way to broaden my reading horizons.  Like most folks with strong opinions and just enough knowledge to be dangerous, I tend to choose books from authors with whom I’ll mostly agree.

Peace to you all, and happy reading.






Published This Year

If Protestant, with a Catholic author

If Catholic, with a Protestant author

“Classic” Theologian

Fiction with a religious protagonist

More than 10 Years Old

Spirituality or Spiritual Disciplines

Jesus Seminar Author

Book That You Read With a Friend

Book Out of Your Comfort Zone

Book That You Disagree With

Environmental Issues


Was Supposed to Read It in College

Gen X or Millennial author

Journal / Devotional

Activist Author

Social Justice


If Atheist, recommended by a religious friend

If religious, recommended by an atheist friend

Book By a Blogger

500+ Pages

Recommended or Mentioned on We Occupy Jesus

>100 Pages


Book For Which You Wrote an Online Review

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Karen is a mom, church staffer, navel-gazer. She can frequently be found reading, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and hanging out with kids... or some interesting combination of the above. She delights in confounding people's expectations of what it means to be committed to this thing called church.

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