The Death and Resurection of Christianity

jimsarwood —  January 17, 2014 — Leave a comment
flickr: BartEverts

flickr: BartEverts


Can you picture it? Waking up on another Sunday morning, dragging yourself out of bed to go to a church service because the bible says go to church, and you feel like a good Christian when you go. You get to church, you sing a few songs, you recieve communion, you realize maybe you should have done the dishes because your wife told you to, and you judge the people around you. You drive home feeling accomplished.

This is the part of Christianity that needs to die.

This idea of being able to just go to a service and believe that that’s all there is to it. What happened to going because you wanted to learn how to become a better human being?  There are so many positive instructions that Jesus has given us. But when we make Christianity about a couple hour church service one day of the week, we are destroying what Christianity was meant to stand for. It was about the man on the mountaintop saying to treat your neighbor as yourself. To love people. To be humble. Jesus said it’s not about how many words you can say while you pray. Jesus preached going after the lost lambs, and for us to wash each other’s feet.

We weren’t put on this Earth to go to church. We are here to make impacts upon people, even in the smallest of ways, and that’s what the ministry of Jesus was about, that is what Christianity was suppose to be about. Instead we’ve corrupted it (surprise). But that doesn’t mean Christianity is dead. There is hope for the ministry of Christ. It’s up to this next generation of believers to strike down the barriers that the church has put up. It’s about taking what they learn and applying it to their lives. Not to judge others or to shove religion down someone else’s throat but to actually love our neighbor.

Because it seems like to me, Christianity needs a savior.


jimmy arwood smHi I’m Jimmy! I live in the great state of Arizona, and I am very involved in politics and spirituality. I am currently a senior in high school looking to go to ASU to major in sustainability. I have a deep passion for many things in life, sports, music, theatre, and social justice. I enjoy working for my church and volunteering. I was selected as one of two delegates to our Arizona’s boys state convention, where I ran for governor and won. I was later selected as one of two delegates to the national convention to represent Arizona at boys nation. I love life, people and the teachings of Jesus

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