I am an atheist who supports WOJ because I believe there IS common ground held between believers and non-believers rooted in respect for others, support of the separation of church and state, human rights and equality. Little groups of us working here and there can make small differences but when those little groups unite, leaving behind the walls built between belief and non-belief….things are gonna start happening and I want to be there when it does!” -Lisa

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I am an atheist…

Brett Gallaher


Founder of We Occupy Jesus and Huffington Post blogger. Also, I enjoy paying too much for coffee.

One response to I am an atheist…


    Our Creator prefers unbelievers who do His Will rather than the opposite. It is with our actions we will change the world.

    “Similarly, men who no longer utter My Name because hypocrites outraged them and made them lose faith, but who live up to My Justice, will be better companions for you than devout but weak-hearted people who at once pray and sin.”
    The Revelation of Arès 39/9

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