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Brett Gallaher —  January 15, 2013 — 64 Comments


So, I have this Jesus bobble-head. It’s ridiculous really. It sits on the desk across from my bed, looking at me with its goofy messianic expression. My wife hates the thing. However, there’s really no getting rid of it. I mean, you can’t throw away Jesus. That’d be disrespectful. Almost as disrespectful as… a Jesus bobble-head. So I keep it, partially because it’s hilarious, partially because I like sacrilegious things. The other day it was doing its bobble-thing and I said, “Look honey! We’ve been waiting on a move from the Lord, haven’t we?” She put her hand over her face, fighting back both horror and laughter. Man, I love that thing.

I remember the whole “Jesus is my homeboy” t-shirt craze about a decade ago. It was all edgy, you know… because Jesus wasn’t supposed to be… urban? I’m not sure. All I know is that it created a backlash of opposing t-shirts and bumper stickers with the rebuttal of “Jesus isn’t my homeboy. He’s my king!” Oh, and no one will ever forget that song that came out with the audacity to proclaim “I am a friend of God.” Phhssst. God has no time for friends. I don’t know why, but that song “Yes lord, yes lord, yes yes lord…” got thrown under the bus at the same time. But we could talk about bad Christian music all day. The point is that all of a sudden it was taboo to convey Jesus as anything less than a fourteenth century feudal lord.

Now, I do understand there is a thing called reverence. Certain things are indeed sacred to many. This should be respected. We Occupy Jesus is all about bringing much needed positive PR to the legacy of the Jesus narrative. I am in full support of religious freedom of expression. I admit, there is a lot of expression going on. When you look online, there is a plethora of crude and satirical representations of Jesus, including Raptor Jesus, Zombie Jesus, Alien Jesus, Gay Jesus, and the most bizarre of them all…

White Jesus.

We must stop this madness!

But when I look across to my bobble-head savior, I think to myself… “That’s not Jesus.” Obvious, of course, but important to note. I’m not making fun of actual Jesus. I’m not reducing any literal notion of the historical and/or theological Jesus to a childish toy. It’s just a dumb bobble-head. And to my embarrassment, it’s also the “White Jesus” model.

When I go online and witness the circus surrounding the person of Jesus, I rarely think these depictions represent anyone’s real thoughts concerning the man from Nazareth. At best they are an example of an overactive sense of humor, and at worst they are examples of a sheer disbelief in Jesus and/or religion. I don’t think Jesus would take it personally (but White Jesus would be pissed). Do Christians really think Jesus’ temper is raging out of control due to this sacrilege? Are people really going to hell because they make an internet meme, or merely laugh at one?

I make fun of many Christian things all the time. I try (keyword: try) to tone it down around those who are easily offended. I don’t make fun because I think Christianity is wrong, or dumb. I just see past the veils of religious theatre that put Jesus on stage as something he is not. If your Jesus gets offended by “Homeboy” t-shirts, well… your Jesus is just as comical as raptor Jesus. If your Jesus gets angry when Project Runway comes on the air, your Jesus is more ridiculous than Alien Jesus.

“But my Jesus is the real Jesus! The one true Jesus! The alpha and the omega!” you say. “You shall bow down and respect him!” you say.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Christian or not. Theist or atheist. Our ideas of Jesus are merely that… ideas. I’m not saying Jesus isn’t real. I’m saying every conception of him we hold is essentially our own. It is much like a memory. We can remember countless moments from our past, but they are merely re-creations of a former reality. The church, Christianity, our religions, our beliefs, they are built upon those former things.

When a ridiculous version of Jesus is mocked, it is the absurd idea that is under siege, not God or his son. My bobble-head pokes fun of society and its fixation with making Jesus so commercial. That is what is being ridiculed, not Jesus himself. To suggest such trivial things are cause for eternal retribution truly offends me, because this also suggests Jesus somehow represents the self-absorbed, those preoccupied with t-shirts instead of humanity.

What is most offensive is Robot Jesus, the same old, tired, mechanical Jesus that the fraudulently pious wind up and clap their hands to each week. Robot Jesus does what you want him to do, what you expect him to do. You can dress him up however you like. You can put him away when you’re sick of him.

You can also flip the switch on his back from love to kill.

If you value and respect what Jesus stood for, we ask you to join us here at We Occupy Jesus. We have plenty of robots to smash.

Would you like to borrow a hammer?

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Brett Gallaher


Founder of We Occupy Jesus and Huffington Post blogger. Also, I enjoy paying too much for coffee.

64 responses to Robot Jesus…


    I would like to borrow that hammer. I would love to smash away at robot Jesus and tear down every purely mechanical understanding of what it means to be a Christian (i.e. if I would just believe and accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior then I am “saved” and will “go to heaven.”) That probably sounds like a crack at Evangelicals. As a Lutheran pastor in training, I have noticed that we (Lutherans and Mainline Protestants in general) too have a form of robot Jesus. It is the mechanical understanding that if we simply “got to church” and say the right words, it will somehow make our life better and make us more acceptable to God.

    Brett, I think you are partially right when you say, “every conception of him [Jesus] we hold is essentially our own.” True, every individual will have an understanding of Jesus that is, in some way, unique to him/herself. BUT Jesus’ identity isn’t determined by what I think or what you think. The ultimate question of “Who is Jesus?” cannot be adequately answered by our individual experience/thoughts/feelings alone. Jesus’ identity is ultimately a question of revelation – it is revealed to us. Of course revelation happens in different ways, but scripture is the where most of us go. Jesus asks his disciples “Who do you say that I am?” and Simon Peter speaks up, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus responds, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven” (Mt 16:15-17).

    Contrary to what many American Christians think, the question “Who is Jesus?” cannot be answered from within the individual. The answer comes from outside one’s self.

    Thank you for the thought provoking blog entry, Brett.


    Very good post! One thing that sticks always in my head is the excellent warning from the Jesus Seminar, Beware of finding a Jesus entirely congenial to you.


    Completely in keeping the all the many stereotypes, I started reading this expecting to be offended, but instead I find that I agree with you. Frankly, I think Jesus must find a lot of this rather funny himself. And that includes our attempts to box him and make him our little “excuse to be offended and self-righteous” tool. So…thanks for writing this :)


    What makes you think your robot Jesus is the “white Jesus.” He looks more like the metallic Jesus to me. Or maybe the silver fox one. Or….

    Garrie Madison Stoutimore January 18, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    Bravo! Once Robot Jesus is smashed, the real work begins, but it’s fairly simple. Even the Beatles got it- “All you need is love…”


    Jesus was a man, plain and simple. He lived and died. I guess he was a bit of a prophet as well.


    As a Christian, I also was prepared to be offended, but feel this reflects the feelings of many Christians I know, as well as myself (for the most part). I do also agree with the comment above, “Contrary to what many American Christians think, the question “Who is Jesus?” cannot be answered from within the individual. The answer comes from outside one’s self.” I mean, it must, or there’s nothing bigger than us, and that just points to hopelessness. Also…if you haven’t read Franny & Zooey by Salinger yet, I think you might want to. It seems like you’d like it.


    Interesting post. I never examined this perspective before, concerning pop-culture and Christ. Interesting …


    And then there is the theology of John Calvin, he will smoke that Robot Jesus! ;)


    Hello. Would you be interested in featuring on my blog All you have to do is write five suggestions of inspiration. Include in your suggestions a link back to your blog. Please check out the blog and see the sort of things people have written about. The cost to you would be £10.00, which you can make through the donation button on the blog front page. It would be a way of you creating a back link to your blog and getting some more people visiting your blog. Thanks David.


    Jesus is the Lord …..nothing can be compared to Him


    I had to change a lot of the ideas which had been instilled in me about Jesus when I read “The Revelation of Arès”, the first part of which was brought by him as messenger.


    This really challenges the reader, no matter his or her convictions about Christ. Whatever offense I take at it is a productive one that makes me account for my faith. This is a good thing and too much pious writing fails to accomplish this. Your writing is much welcomed. Well done.


    Interesting post. Very thought provoking – which is what I look for in a blog post. Congrats on being FP!


    I enjoyed reading this – and I shy away from religious-themed items in general (I’m agnostic) but I loved how you expressed your ideas; especially this one: ‘I’m saying every conception of him we hold is essentially our own.’

    Congrats on the being Freshly Pressed ~ well deserved.


    Awesome post man! Following you.


    Personally I think Jesus has a great sense of humor. You have a white Jesus bobble-head, a friend of mine in her 40’s has a shirt with a sparkly white Jesus with the caption Jesus Is My Pimp. What?!
    I laughed.


    I rarely comment on posts unless I feel very aligned with the content. Bravo to “Robot Jesus…” It caused me to check your “About” page. Once again: Bravo. And good luck on the project.


    The true robots are those that can repeat the entire bible without understanding the context and meanings of the message.


    Good post. You manage to make fun of the ridiculous notions of who Jesus can be (in people’s mind) without making fun of the real Jesus. well written ;-)


    This is great work. I thank you for it, and look forward to keeping up with it (as I just wrote of in length on your “about” page :D). Congrats on getting pressed!


    Congratulations on being Pressed. And well done on the post – it’s blasphemous and respectful at the same time – no mean feat.

    Jesus is cool but if you want a god, try Thor. The way he swings that big hammer? Woof!


    You’re killing me! This was a great post. I especially enjoyed the love/kill switch. Everybody that quotes Jesus is essentially bearing false witness. Good job.


    Reblogged this on Bored American Tribune. and commented:
    — J.W.


    I rather enjoyed reading your post. I do dislike the many images of Jesus. Why is it that Jesus is part of the Trinity of God, and we’re not to make a graven image God, and yet there is a graven image of Jesus everywhere you look in America? And most are sanctioned by the ones that claim to love him the most? It gets old my friend.


    Great post – congrats on the FP! Of course Jesus has a sense of humor — he invented giraffes, didn’t he? (At least some would say.)
    I saw a post on today by an atheist claiming that the internet is going to be the death of religion, and it made me laugh. As if humanity’s desire for connection (because isn’t that what “religion” means? To reconnect?) can be wiped out by a technology. So full of bluster, we humans!
    You might be interested in this post about our different ways of “reaching” for meaning:

    Good luck with your efforts – good idea.
    Also – you ever read Brian McLaren? Visit his website, you would like him. An author who would agree with your bent.


    Well, if anyone found themselves offended by this post Need to figure out what ithey found offensive and why? I found nothing offensive in it.


    enjoyed this post. i think organized religion nowadays is more a spectacle than anything else; in my opinion it’s meant to be something personal. an intimate relationship with whichever god you choose, if you will. in that vein, people can give jesus whatever weird meaning or personification they want, as long as they keep it to themselves. religion is meant to make YOU YOURSELF a better person. if you have to go around telling other people they’re going to hell because they have different beliefs…you’re doing it wrong.


    Even in Tasmania we appreciate Robot Jesus


    I was about to make a post, then just now realized I may have hit upon a multimillion dollar idea, so now I’m shutting up and making some inquiries before I spill the beans and someone beats me to it… um… Congratulationsthatsallgottago.


    My wife and yours would get along great. And Loved your ending sentence [actually, 3rd from the end] about the kill switch.

    C.H. Spurgeon continues to impress me with his utter lack of that “switch.”


    …And along these lines, I’m always slightly horrified, fearful, and ultimately amused when I see this sticker on my bathroom mirror:


    I really like your blog and would love you to feature on mine, All you have to do is write five suggestions along with a link back to your site. Please check out the blog and see the sort of things people have written about.


    Well, you certainly did get a lot of comments. You seemed particularly obsessed by what Jesus looked like. What difference does it make? The important thing is what did he teach? What was he like and how can I be like him? You can most certainly know what he was like. He left us with quite a bit of detail about what he thought about a lot of issues that are still pertinent today. If people would live out even one of his stories, such as the story about the injured man and the good Samaritan who helped him, we would have a much better world today.


    congrats fpr being Fpressed


    Great post! Now, pass that hammer please…


    Amen! :D …You should look at Eastern European Orthodox Christianity because, as the name suggests, it is a lot more ‘old school’, and Eastern Europe hasn’t been too influenced by Western pop-culture just yet.


    When I first saw your headline I thought it was “Reboot Jesus.” Now that I’ve read your post, maybe my misreading wasn’t so far off. Not that you are calling for a reboot of Jesus (who probably wasn’t Windows based anyway), but a reboot of our conception of Jesus. And we can probably always benefit from revisiting again and again how we view and relate to Jesus.


    JESUS in the QURAN

    The Islamic view of Jesus lies between two extremes. The Jews , who rejected Jesus as a Prophet of God, called him an impostor. The Christians, on the other hand, considered him to be the son of God and worship him as such. Islam considers Jesus to be one of the great prophets of God and respects him as much as Ibrahim (Abraham), Moses, and Mohammed. (Peace Be Upon Them) This is conformity with the Islamic view of the oneness of God, the oneness of Divine guidance, and the complementary role of the subsequent mission of God’s messengers.

    The essence of Islam – willing submission to the will of God – was revealed to Adam, who was passed it on to his children. All following revelations to Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, and finally Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Them) were conformity with that message, with some elaboration to define the revelation between man and God, man and man, man and instructions. Thus, any contradictions among revealed religions is viewed by Islam as a man-made element introduced into these religions. The position of Jesus in the three major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – should not be an exception.

    Although the Quran does not present a detailed life-story of Jesus, it highlights the important aspects of his birth, his mission, his ascension to heaven, and passes judgements on the Christian beliefs concerning him. The Quranic account of Jesus starts with the conception of his mother, Mary, whose mother, the wife of Imran, vowed to dedicate her child to the service of God in the temple. When Mary became a woman, the Holy Spirit (the Archangel Gabriel) appeared to her as a man bringing her news of a son. We read the following dialogue in the Quran between Mary and the Angel:

    “When the angel said, “Mary, god gives you a good tidings of a Word from Him whose name is messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, -high honoured shall he be in this world and the next, near stationed to God. He shall speak to men in the cradle, and of age, and righteous he shall be, “lord” said Mary “How shall I have a son, seeing no mortal has touched me? “Even so, he said “God creates what He will”.

    When he decrees a thing He but say to it, “Be”, and it is. (Al-Imran 3:45-47)

    In a chapter (Surah) entitled “Maryam” (Mary), the Quran tells us how Mary gave birth to her son, and how the Jesus accused her when she brought the child home:

    “Then she brought the child to her folk, carrying him, and they said, “Mary, you have surely committed a monstrous thing. Sister of Aaron, your father was not a wicked man, nor your mother a woman unchaste. Mary pointed to the child; but they said, ‘Hoe shall we speak to one who still in the cradle, a little child. And he said, ‘Lo, I am God’s servant, God has given me the Book and made me a Prophet Blessed He has made me ,wherever/may be; and hi has enjoined me to prayer, and to give the alms so long as I live, and likewise to cherish my mother; He has not made me arrogant and wicked. Peace be upon me, the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am raised up a live. “Maryam 19:29-33)

    in the same chapter, following the above quotation, God assures Mohammed (PBUH) and through him the whole world, that what is told above is the TRUTH about Jesus (PBUH), although Christians might not accept it. Jesus is NOT the son of God: He was obviously enough, the son of Mary. The verses continue: “That is Jesus, son of Mary, in word of truth, concerning which they are doubting. It is not for God to take a son unto Him. Glory be to Him, He nut says to it, ‘Be, and it is. (Maryam 19:34-35)

    After this strong statement about the nature of Jesus, God directed Mohammed (PBUH) to call the Christians to worship the one God: “Surely God is my God, and your God, so surely serve him. This is the straight path”. (Maryam 19:36)

    The rejection of the very idea of God having a son is restated later in the same chapter with even stronger words: “And they say, The All-merciful has taken unto Himself a son. You have indeed advanced something hideous. As if the skies are about to burst, the earth to split asunder and its mountain to fall down in the utter ruin for that they have attributed to the All-merciful a son; and behaves not the All-merciful to take a son. None there in the heavens and earth but comes to the All-merciful as a servant” (Maryam 19:88-93)

    The Quran recognizes the fact that Jesus had no human father, but this does not make him the son of God, or God himself. By this criterion, Adam would have been more entitled more entitled to be the son of God, because he had neither a father nor a mother, so the Quran draws attention to the miraculous creation of both in the following verses; ” truly the likeness of Jesus, in God’s sight is as Adam’s likeness; He created him of dust, then He said upon him, ‘Be’ and hi was. (Al-Imran 3:59)

    The Quran rejects the concept of Trinity God the Father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit – as strongly as it rejects the concept of Jesus as the son of God. This is because GOD IS ONE. Three cannot be one. The Quran addresses Christians in the following verses from the Surrah entitled “An-Nisaa” (The Women)

    People of the Book, do not go beyond the bounds in your religion, and say nought as to God but the Truth. The messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only the messenger of God, and his word (Fulfilment of his word (Fulfilment of His command, through the word “Be”, for the creation of Jesus) that he committed to Mary, and a spirit originating from Him (was given life by God). So believe in God and His Messengers, and say not ‘Three’. Refrain, better is for you. God is only one God. Glory be to him-that He should have a son! To Him belongs all that is in the Heavens and in the Earth; God suffices for a guardian.

    The Messiah will not disdain to be a servant of God, neither the Angels who are close to Him. Whosoever disdains to serve Him and walks proud, He will assuredly muster them to Him, all of them.

    As for the believers, who do deeds of righteousness, we will pay them their rewards in full, and He will give them more, of His bounty; as for them who disdain and walks proud, then He will punish with a severe punishment, and they shall not find for them, apart from God, a friend or helper.” (An-Nissa 4:171-173)

    The denial of Jesus’s divinity (and. For the matter, of Mary’s divinity) is presented in the Quran in the form of a dialogue, at the Day of Judgement, between the Almighty Jesus. All the Messengers and their nations will gather before God and He will ask the Messengers how they were received by their people and what they said to them. Among those who will be questioned is Jesus:

    “And when God said, ‘O Jesus, son of Mary, did you say unto men, “Take me and my mother as gods, apart from God”? He said, ‘To you be glory! It is not mine to say what I have no right to. If I indeed said it, you would have known it, knowing what is within my heart, though I do not know your knowledge; you know the things unseen. I only said to them what you did commands me: “Serve God, my God and your God.” (Al-Maida 5-116)

    Given that the Quran denies the Trinity and the son ship of Jesus, what, according to the Quran, was the real mission of Jesus? The answer is that Jesus was a link in a long chain of Prophets and Messengers sent by God to various nations and societies whenever they needed guidance or deviated from his teachings of Moses and other Messengers. As he was miraculously supported by numerous miracles to prove that he was a Messengers from God. However, the majority of the Jews rejected his ministry.

    In another verse of the Quran, Jesus confirmed the validity of the Torah which was revealed to Moses, and also conveyed he glad tidings of a final Messenger who follow him: “And when Jesus son of Mary said, ‘Children of Israel, I am indeed the Messenger to you, confirming the Torah that is before me, and giving good tiding of a Messenger who shall be the praised one.”(As-Saff 61:6)

    Note that “praised one” is a translation of “Ahmad” – The Prophet Mohammed’s name. Careful study of the New Testament shows that Jesus refers to the same Prophet in John 14:16-17: “And I will give you another Counsellor (ThProphet Mohammed). To be with you for ever, even the Spirit of Truth.”

    The usual explanation of this Prophecy is that the counsellor referred to is the Holy Spirit, but this explanation is excluded by a previous verse in John: “Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Counsellor will not come to you.”

    The characteristics of this counsellor, as can be derived from the prophecy, are that he will stay forever with the believers, he will glorify Jesus; and he will speak that he hears form God. All four characteristics apply to the Prophet Mohammed. He came six centuries after Jesus. He came six centuries after Jesus. He came with a universal and everlasting message, fulfilling the prophecy that the counsellor will stay forever with the faithful. He glorified Jesus as a great Prophet. The Quran attributes to Jesus miracles not mentioned in the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, as well as specific verses in the Quran show how the Prophet Mohammad is rejected by Jews and Christians out of prejudice and misunderstanding, rather that carefully study the Bible.

    It is a sad fact of history that not many are following the “straight path” to which people were called by Jesus. He was only followed by a few disciples inspired by God to support him. The non-believers plotted – as they would against Mohammed, six centuries later – to kill Jesus. But God had better plan for him and his followers, as the Quran tells us:

    “And when Jesus perceived their unbelief, he said ‘Who will be my helpers in the cause of God? The apostles said, ‘we are Gods helpers. We believe in God; so bear witness of our submission God, we believe in that you have sent down, and we follow the Messenger. Inscribe us therefore with those who bear witness. ‘And they devised, and God devised, and God devised, and God is the best of divisors. When God said, ‘Jesus, I will take you to Me and will raise you to Me, and I will purify you (of the falsehoods) of those who do not believe. I will make your followers above the unbelievers till the Resurrection Day.”(Al-Imran 3:52-55)

    As the above verses indicate, Jesus was taken and raised to heaven. He was not crucified. It was certainly the plan of the enemies of Jesus to put him to death on the cross, but God saved him and someone else was crucified:

    “And for their unbelief, and their uttering against Mary a grave false charge, and for their saying, ‘We killed the messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messiah of God”…yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only a likeness of that was shown to them. Those who are at variance concerning him are surely in doubt the following of conjecture; and they did not kill him of certainty…no indeed; God raised him up to Him; God is Almighty, Allwise. There is not one of the people of the book but will assuredly believe him before his death, and on the Resurrection Day he will be a witness against them.” (An-Nissa 4:156-159)

    The Quran does not explain who was the person crucified instead of Jesus, nor elaborate on the Second Coming of Jesus. However, explanators of the Quran have always interpreted the last verse of the above quotation to mean that Jesus will believe in him before he dies. This understanding is supported by authentic sayings (Hadith) of the Prophet Mohammed may the peace and blessings of Allah him and upon all His Messengers.


      The latter, of someone else crucified rather than Jesus, is most certainly of gnostic origin! And Islam is not as old as Judaism and Christianity.


        OYG, Judaism came first, then Christianity, then Islam. Christianity, and Islam claim to be the perfected version of Judaism. they all need work. honestly there should be a fourth manifestation, coming very very soon.


      The Torah, Qur’an, and the Bible, are all full of dated morals, stories, and lack imagination. Think about what supernatural imagination we have today as compared to THOSE times. Today we have Superman, Batman, Ron Paul, Bugs Fugging Bunny, Iron man, (OYG) Oh Your God there are so many of them I must stop. The human imagination has come a long way from walking on water and turning water to wine. Hell (hahah), most of the miracles noted in all of the big three are childs-play today. we can make the blind see. bring the nearly dead back from the edge. Cure disease, make people without legs walk, part seas, turn water into all kinds of fun things, and oh wait we have a few that primitives couldn’t even fathom. We’ve walked on the moon, in space, satellites orbit the Earth, a God Damned rover is on mars for Christs sake. We actually know embryology, where as the Qur’an pokes at it like a kid poking at sea slime.

      Yes you can attribute all of these human accomplishments to a being that exists and doesn’t exist, is all powerful, and all knowing, and all everything times everything times infinity and the moon and the stars, and (breath), and cats, and dogs, and shower curtains too. Great now I think I just solved the mystery of the universe as I was typing this message.

      There is a great big tampon just outside of space and time which collects nonexistent plasma, and a giant nozzle stops in from time to time, (shoots the shit), and shazam, we have reality as a result of this. Glad you were all here to coach me on in the right direction, and give me some guidance as to how to understand the universe.

      P.S. want to here a joke?

      A Christian, a Muslim, and an Atheist post comments on a blog….

      Christine Irving February 11, 2013 at 5:38 PM

      Thanks – this is very clear. I appreciate you sharing it with us


    You Should check out my Blog called “Mission of God becomes my Mission” at I am trying to branch out of the robot Christian faith and serve the Lord.

    Christine Irving February 11, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    Great post and a terrific last word about the kill/love switch. What I particularly like is that the post just oozes with compassion without ever using the word and you didn’t preach or moralize.

    I think we often forget that god’s are not people and therefore don’t come equipped with personalities. While JC might have assumed one for the time being as he sojourned here on Earth (supposing the story is true) I’m pretty sure he shed ego, id and all other mortal accoutrements when he departed. Therefore he isn’t angry, jealous, proud, friendly or any other mammalian attribute. My jury is still out on love- love might be synonymous with consciousness, which might be what runs the universe – but that’s another topic. Good work and good writing- I look forward to reading more.


    I love the snark. You’ve gained a new fan.


    Well written post.

    Here’s to human Jesus.

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