A poem by member, Kate Brylow!

Brett Gallaher —  December 2, 2012 — 1 Comment

One day whean talking with Bernice
I listened to stories she’d soon release
Of times gone by and images remembered
Of family and love unteathered.
“Have you a pet?” I asked her plain
“Yes and Charlie was his name”
A dog? A fish pulled from the sea?
“No, Charlie was my pet monkey!”
“What did he eat?” I ventured to ask
“Just human food, not a big task”
But soon my mind saw a primate so curious
One not only of charm, but moods that were furious!
Some days he’d be angry, his mood quickly changed
I wondered if he was hurful or maybe deranged!
“What did you do with his mad tendancy?”
“He’d be sent to his cage and locked with a key!”
But we all throw tantrums, we all get mad
Not only a monkey but most people are bad
It was a good lesson for kids to have learned
Treat others as you want, that’s how respect is earned!

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Brett Gallaher


Founder of We Occupy Jesus and Huffington Post blogger. Also, I enjoy paying too much for coffee.

One response to A poem by member, Kate Brylow!


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