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Our minds are closed for much of our lives. Even when we open them, we are simultaneously closing them to our previous thoughts. We also filter out the portions of new-found information we find to be inconsistent with our desired trajectory. This is dangerous. This is the very essence of ignorance.

Once we grasp tightly to our philosophy of choice (regardless of what point in time we discover it) we don’t want to go back, regress, or let our former selves return in any fashion. We were primitive before. We are enlightened now.

Let’s just say you embrace a particular philosophy. You may hear the pings from outside artillery striking against your new helmet meant to guard your brains, but you do not give them any real attention.

The problem is that these philosophies, these ideas we make our own, are not OUR ideas. They are conclusions by those who have come before us. To block out dissenting chatter is to proclaim “I have found the truth. I have seen the light. This is the way.”

Reality does not operate in such a manner.

To even entertain the idea that any one philosophy is representative of true reality is naive at best and maniacal at worst. We must admit that nothing lines up as neatly as we would like. The evidence rarely brings us to a waterproof case for our cause. There is that awkward presence of doubt that we choose to purposefully ignore, making our position more of a team that we cheer for than a guide to navigate the maze of life.

You bias is boring.


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Fact #3194…

Brett Gallaher —  May 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Facts can be proven to be false, therefore facts are not to be trusted.


Hey guys, I’m a part of a non-profit called Simply Savant that works toward better education for kids. ^_^

We are hosting a benefit concert titled “Songs for Souls” in Arcadia, California, on June 16th, 2012, starting at 6:30PM and ending at 10. Jason Chen (from Youtube) and a few other Youtube stars & dancers will be performing.

To anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area: We would love if you guys could come support us!

Facebook event & details here.

Thank you so much guys! :D


I start my marathon training this week so I’m going to be posting this link lots, please help me raise money for Childhood First :) I think I’m going to start a blog about my efforts as well because it’s certainly going to be an experience..

Buy. This. Shirt.

My Swag Life: Fundraising For Charity


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I know this is TUMBLR  and should not really be doing this but im donating my hair to charity. They are going to cut my hair and then make it in to a wig that will be used for a child that has lost their hair due to illness… I also want to raise money… heres the link to my page! Does not have to be alot but every little counts! ~Please past this along aswell! Thanks!!!


would anyone sponsor me if I did? It’s basically a 14km fun run. I’m thinking of making a sponsor page on their website but I don’t know if it would be worth it. The money will go to a Charity, I just don’t know which one yet :S So would you? :) x

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

J.M. Barrie (via downagardenpath)